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‘The Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice’ Airs Tonight on ABC Family

Tonight is the premiere of ‘The Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice’ starring Francia Raisa and Brendan Fehr on ABC Family.

modOration had the chance to take part in a conference call with the stars about how they were chosen for movie, why they made the sequel and how they do all of those ice skating moves!

Q: Francia, how were you chosen for the Cutting Edge III?

Francia: I auditioned for the role shortly after I came back from a movie I did in Spain. When I went in, they had asked me if I figure skate. I said, “Coincidentally I do,” so I think that played a big part in getting the role, but I also had a long audition process that lasted a couple weeks.

Q: What was the inspiration to go ahead and make a sequel to it?

Francia: I really enjoyed doing the third film. I wanted to go back to Montreal and shoot again. I wanted to figure skate again. I was really intrigued by skating the first time I did it for the movie. Then, they told me a possible storyline, but I didn’t get a script, but I was really inspired by the third one and I said, why not. The third one was such a hit, let’s just do it again.

Q: First of all, thanks so much for taking our questions. What did you all have to do to train for this movie to prepare for the ice skating?

Francia: We trained about three or four times a week for figure skating and partner skating—we had to do lifts any time we could. Like I said before, my favorite part were the ballet lessons where Brendan failed miserably.

Brendan: Skating, we would do anywhere between two and four times a week. We would throw in a lift session in there once or twice if we could, just in terms of doing lifts on dry land and getting used to those. And because Francia has taken dance before, we did ballet together as well. I also went a few times on my own just because I was a little behind in the flexibility department—

Francia: I got in trouble by the teacher, too.

Brendan: The ballet was actually possibly my favorite. We just had a blast in there.

Francia: Yes, because we kept getting in trouble, both of us. Even through I’m a dancer and I knew what I was doing, I still got in trouble and got yelled at.

Brendan: We had this hard core teacher who I believe was Eastern European. There were no soft spoken kind words in that room. She was there to mold you and to break you, which was was great. We all loved each other, and it was a lot of fun. That was probably a whole movie unto itself, I think.

Source & Image: ABC Family

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