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modOration Exclusive: Interview with Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss

‘Step Up 3D’ premiered in theaters on August 6th and it’s the first ever dance movie in 3D. Not only did we get to screen the film and loved it, but we spoke with several of the movie’s stars, including Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, who plays Jason in the film. He’s the one in the number 78 jersey.

Not only is tWitch an amazing dancer and so much fun to watch on the big screen, but it was an honor to talk with him. He’s one of those people you feel like you can just chat with for hours over coffee. He has class, personality and a passion for dancing that you just don’t find very often.

tWitch performed along with some of the other ‘Step Up 3D’ dancers for the 2010 Teen Choice Awards, as well as presented an award. Did you see him with Cat Deeley? Be sure and follow tWitch on twitter and ‘Like’ him on Facebook.

We hope you enjoy this interview, as much as we enjoyed doing it!

mod: Hey tWitch! Thanks for talking with me today.

tWitch: You’re very welcome. No problem.

mod: I watched you on So You Think You Can Dance when you were a contestant. When did you start dancing?

tWitch: Well, I have always loved to dance, just to move to the music. My family danced. They would dance around the kitchen and I’ve just always been a fan and loved it. I really started taking is seriously my Senior Year of High School. I heard there were opportunities to try out for my High School dance team. So, I decided to give it a go and see what happens.

I ended up making it and from there I found out about other classes for different styles of dance. I started to explore those things and
found out there was a whole world I knew nothing about. I just kept falling in love with it [dance] endlessly over and over again and here I am today.

mod: Did you take any professional dance classes or has dancing always come natural?

tWitch: At first it was a natural thing. I would just mimic dances I would see my uncle do. But after I got on the dance team, that’s when I started taking classes. I started taking jazz classes and eventually, they finally got me to take ballet classes. I came out to California to go to Chapman University, and that’s when I reallty started to begin my formal training. They would have me in nothing but tights for ballet class [he laughs]. That was definitely a first and they got me very disciplined.

mod: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?

tWitch: Exactly!

mod: What has life been like since you appeared on So You Think You Can Dance?

tWitch: Very different and very good. It’s been great to have that show, especially in times like these. I really enjoy teaching, so being on the show…it’s just really help with me being a dancer/teacher and going out and finding studios that might need a hip hop teacher, or maybe they needed a hip hop sub. It really helped with the exposure and looking for work.

mod: Tell me about your character Jason in Step Up 3D?

Jason is a smart guy. He’s a science geek. He’s just really excited about almost everything he does. Very overly excited actually. He loves to battle, he loves kickin’ it with his crew and just messing around in his lab.

Can you relate to him at all?

tWitch: Absolutely. Although, I do wish I was hiding a secret lab somewhere…but not yet anyway.

mod: Well, maybe that will come later. Gives you something to look forward to! You have to save some things for later in your career. :)

mod: If you could describe the Step Up 3D experience for you in a couple of sentences, what would you say?

tWitch: Step Up 3D in itself was an experience and an inspiration. The cast that was assembled to do that were among, honestly, the elite dancers in the industry…whether it be poppers or rockers, just every moment on set and in rehearsal was just one of the most inspiring things ever. There was so much material and so much passion. You literally have people in there from all walks of life that just love dance.

mod: Tell me about filming a movie in 3D. What is that like?

tWitch: The only difference really was that it takes a little longer, because of the 3D cameras. They did do some things with the choreography that was just for 3D. But as far as shooting goes, it really wasn’t that much different than a regular film.

mod: Do you have a favorite scene in the film?

tWitch: I guess if I had to pick one, there is a battle that occurs in dust. I haven’t seen it yet [at the time of this interview], but I remember doing it and watching it on the playback screen and I was just utterly amazed at the 3D effects. I was thinking ‘this is really going to work’.

mod: After kids see this movie, I have a feeling dance is going to be very popular. What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue dance?

tWitch: Just pursue it fully, you know. If you really want to dance and you really want to get down, just get down. Just do it. I think it’s a very human trait to constantly worry about what others think and how you will be portrayed. But with any new adventure, whether it be dance or art or whatever you choose, you have to start from somewhere. You have to realize why you are doing it. If you have a clear vision of why you want to dance, you just have to go for it and don’t worry for a minute about what anyone else says.

Do you have any upcoming projects so we know where we will see you next?

tWitch: Absolutely. On September 21st, ‘Stomp the Yard 2′ comes out. I am in that. I play the antogonist in the movie. Also, later in the year I will start filming an Indie film named ‘Perfectus’.

mod: Okay, last question. You have to tell me about where your name tWitch came from.

tWitch: I never stop moving. I also like to pop and kick and stuff like that and from the untrained eye, someone who doesn’t really understand what I am doing, if they saw me at the grocery store and I was moving like that, they would think I had some kind of nervous twitch or something.

mod: Thanks so much!

Check out the trailer for Step Up 3D in theaters now.

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