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From Lame to Luxe Dorm Rooms ~ Back-to-School Decorating Tips

We love WallPops here at modOration! Between the designs, design ideas and the way you can turn one boring room into one amazing room, WallPops are the perfect idea for dorm rooms. Dorm rooms used to be about slapping as many posters up as you could to make the room look decent, but college students have way more choices now!

Caption: WallPops Twister and Plush Dots ($12 for a pack, four or five per pack), Bali Stripes ($12 continuous roll of stripes) and Twister Dry Erase Calendar ($12 for single dry erase calendar).

For those who want to bring the sophistication and style of their fashions to their décor, here are a few tips from Paula Berberian, Creative Services Manager for Brewster Home Fashions, producer of WallPops, the premier line of peel-and-stick wall art.

1. Throw Pillows: Easily add color with one or a few pillows to accent your room. Compliment your room décor with a pop of color or one that matches your bedspread or wall art to add more life to your room.

2. Play with Lights: Dorm room lighting is normally drab and bleak. Take the initiative to improve your surroundings and buy floor or desk lamps to add a homey touch to your living space. Also, don’t be afraid to get adventurous and play with stringable lights. Hanging lights over your bed, around the door or windows can create a fun and playful atmosphere. Match your lights with the rest of your room décor and you will have a peaceful spot to hang out with friends, study or relax.

3. Use Wall Decals: Try WallPops, removable and repositionable peel and stick wall art. With WallPops you can bring major style to your white walls. Try these design ideas:

Sleek n’ Chic: For the more sophisticated individual, create a modern look using “Blackjack” Blox, “Ghost” (white) Blox, and “Sizzlin” (red) Dots to produce a geometric pattern that will make guests feel like they are at a hip urban hotel.

Exotic Safari: Get in touch with your wild side with “Go Wild” zebra print Blox, Dots and Stripes to create a lively and unique atmosphere.

Funky Diva: In need of some additional color in your life? Turn to “Twister” Blox and Dots with “Plush” (purple) Dots to create a fresh retro design.

Bollywood Hollywood: Try “Bali” black-and-white intricate designs with an alternative ethnic Indian feel bringing a cultured feel to college living spaces. Also, “Carnivale” a red, orange, yellow and brown circular pattern with blossoming floral patterns inspired by Brazilian flowers will brighten your room.

Additionally, use WallPops Dry Erase Message Boards and calendars in various styles and colors to keep yourself on schedule and to easily write reminders and notes to friends.

4. Rugs and Carpets: To add the final homey touch to your room, use a few area rugs or a large carpet to cover those often cold dorm floors. Use a colorful carpet to add depth to your room and transform your living space into a personalized masterpiece.

By adding these elements to a room, you can go from dull and basic to dramatic and stunning without spending a lot of time or money.

WallPops Dry Erase collections are available at select retailers nationwide from approximately $13 per WallPops Dry Erase Message Board, $13 per Dry Erase Monthly Calendar and $20 per WallPops 4-piece Calendar Set. Other WallPops collections are available for approximately $12 for a pack of Dots (four or five per pack), $12 for a pack of Blox (four or five per pack), $12 for a 6 ½‘’ x 16’ continuous roll of Stripes, $24.99 per ZooWallogy animal and $29.99 per WallPops Wall Art Kit.

You can now shop online as WallPops has an updated website. The site – www.wall-pops.com – has been redesigned, expanded and conveniently now has an online store as well as full store listings and additional product information. Fans can peruse the different styles of peel-and-stick wall art to add easy flair to their home. Additionally, become a fan of WallPops on Facebook to meet other fans and read up-to-the-minute product news. Visit: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/WallPops/146032655413589?ref=ts. Or follow them on twitter at http://twitter.com/WallPops

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