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30 Days of Fashion & Beauty: Day 2 – Blamtastic

It’s day 2 of our 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty segment! On day 1, we featured some gummy bear earrings almost cute enough to eat. Today, it’s all about taking care of those lips. Now that fall (and soon winter) is here, you’ll start to notice that everything gets dry – from your lips to your skin. How do we take care of those luscious lips of ours? With Blamtastic of course!

Blamtastic is lip balm just for tween boys and girls. The girls Blam includes flavors like BOO BLAM Spooky Mystery Sour, Strawberry Shake, Lemon-liscious, Sassafrassy Root Beer and more.

The boys Blam includes flavors such as Brain Squeeze – Sour Cherry, Radioactive – Lemon Lime, Alien Invasion – Green Apple, Frenetic Fizz and more.

Blamtastic does not test on animals, so you can moisturize with a clean conscience and it has SPF 15 to make moms happy.

Not only did we fall head over heels in love with the many flavors of Blamtastic, but are stoked about their Blam Sleeves! What’s a Blam Sleeve you ask? Never lose your BLAM! Hooks onto notebooks, sports bags, belt loops or backpacks for super fast BLAM application!!!

What good is your lip balm if it’s buried at the bottom of your backpack. In between classes, while waiting for the bus or while out on a date, you can rely on your lip balm to be easily accessible with your Blam Sleeve. Cool huh?

Want to know where to buy yourself some Blamtastic? We thought so! You can purchase it online or check out their list of locations here.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Beauty & Fashion Feature!

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