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PromGirl.com Launches Signature Scent

Just in time for the 2011 Prom season, PromGirl.com has launched their signature scent and trust me when I say ‘You’re going to love it!’. It’s called PromGirl!

I had the chance to sample the fragrance and it’s just the right amount of scent. It’s not so powerful that it’ll blow your prom date away, but it’s just enough to where he’ll definitely be able to smell it. I love it’s fruity scent, which says spring is in the air. It’s fun. It’s flirty. It’s the scent you should be wearing for prom!

Not only is it a little bit fruity, but it also has some hints of floral, cedar and vanilla. It really is for every girl and for every occasion. You’ll still be wearing this fragrance long after prom is over.

They kept YOU (teens) in mind when creating this fragrance, which we love. Have you ever purchased a scent that everyone was talking about and it smelled like something your mother should be wearing? Yep, been there too. The PromGirl fragrance is for YOU!

The PromGirl signature fragrance is exclusively available at PromGirl.com and is priced at $24.95 for a 2 oz. bottle. As part of the launch PromGirl is including a complimentary gift sample of the perfume with stock purchases made at PromGirl.com while supplies last.

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