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Ashley Greene is Radiant in Red on the Cover of Flare’s December Issue

Ashley Greene looks amazing in a red dress on the cover of Flare Magazine’s December 2011 issue. The dress is by Marchesa and the shoot was done at a private residence in Beverly Hills, CA.

In the issue, Ashley talks about a little of everything from fashion to her Twilight character Alice. Here are a few excerpts. Read the rest here and in their December issue which hits newsstands November 7th.

On fashion tips she’s learned along the way:
“I’ve certainly learned that every woman has a different body type so you have to learn to love yourself and work with what you have. If you were born with an athletic figure, you’re never going to have Scarlett Johansson’s body. Once you get past that, you become a lot happier in your clothes decisions and with yourself.”

On Alice’s (of the Twilight saga) clairvoyant powers:
“It sounds really cool but I think it would drive me crazy, honestly. It kind of takes away the mystery of life a little bit. I think I would just drive myself absolutely insane trying to stop things from happening.”

On her next move:
“Right now I’m just reading a lot [of scripts], trying to figure out what the next move is going to be. I feel like everyone’s kind of watching and waiting saying ‘What are these kids going to do?’ So I’m just taking full advantage of being able to take things at a very steady pace and figure them out as I go.”

On helping the costume designers with Alice’s bridesmaid dress:
“I wanted Alice’s past incorporated into her dress a little bit. She’s from the 1920s and 1930s, so we kind of kept that in mind.”

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