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Cute Outfit Ideas of the Week – Edition #5

It’s Thursday and you know what that means?! Cute Outfit Ideas of the Week time!!

Last week, I showed you some super fabulous outfits that featured the gorgeous coral color. This week we’re going with cute outfit ideas with some muted colors such as soft whites, pinks, browns and grays. Some of the outfits have a pop of color from one accessory, which I love doing.

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Enjoy getting some great ideas for your wardrobe!

Cute Outfit Ideas of the week – Edition #5

Source: bit.ly via Julie on Pinterest

I have friends ask me all the time “How do you put together such cute outfits?” and you know, it’s really not that hard! It’s amazing what you can do with a plain white t-shirt and jeans. You just start layering! This outfit starts with the basic and adds a scarf, a pair of cute sandals, a great handbag and a pair of sunglasses. And voila! You have an outfit anyone can put together!

Source: autumn85.polyvore.com via Julie on Pinterest

Here are some cute outfit ideas for Monday – Friday and they all involve jeans and a cute shirt. I like how they showed wearing the same accessory with different outfits. You really do not have to have a huge closet devoted to putting together great outfits. You just need to be creative and experiment with what you have. Don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit! When I shop, I try to buy shirts, shoes and accessories that I know I can mix and match.

Source: bbs25.polyvore.com via Julie on Pinterest

This outfit is a pair of dark jeans and a simple white top. Add a killer purse (oh my gosh I love that purse!), some cute shoes (oh my gosh I love those shoes!) and accessories (Oh my g…you get the idea!) to pull this look off. The soft pink nail polish adds a nice touch doesn’t it? I’m rockin’ bright pink nails this week!

Source: polyvore.com via Julie on Pinterest

This cute outfit idea mixes gray and one beautiful shade of blue. I want to track down every single item pictured here! And again, as I’ve been saying, it’s not rocket science. (And FYI, I know a real rocket scientist and she’s super super smart. Her name is Nikki and she used to be my co-blogger here, but now she’s off writing her first novel. Awesome right?!)

Just look closely at this outfit. They started with white jeans, added a great looking top and cardigan that go well together and then pulled in accessories that compliment each other. How cute are those earrings?!

Source: daniraine.polyvore.com via Julie on Pinterest

This outfit has a boho chic feel to it. For those of you wondering what exactly boho chic means, it’s a combination of bohemian and hippie styles. Some fashion gurus you might be used to seeing this style on include Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Mary-Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie. That scarf is awesome!!

Do you have some great ideas for cute outfit ideas of your own? I hope so! This weekend, why don’t you spend some time going through your wardrobe and seeing if you have anything on hand to create one of these looks. And start experimenting with what you do have to see what new look you can create.

I like to go through my closet quite often and I keep a running “wish list” of items I want to buy. So, when they either go on sale or I am out and about and see something, I can look over my list. I keep mine on my phone, which is always with me.

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