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Get Ready for an iCarly/Jimmy Fallon Cross Over Episode in November!

Last night (May 21st) iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. She shared some stories from her life with her new driver’s license, which involved a little accident at In-N-Out. It was a pretty funny story! Miranda also faced off in a game of Charades with John, Jimmy, and Higgins.

Miranda also obviously talked about her hit show iCarly. She started the show when she was 13 (she’s 19) and she did say this is the last season of iCarly. Her and Jimmy also talked about the Jimmy Fallon/iCarly cross over episode that they just shot. Awesome! It will air in November. Watch the clips below.

Miranda Cosgrove (5/21/12)
Jimmy and Miranda talk about ‘iCarly’ and celebrate now that Miranda got her driver’s license.

Charades with John Lithgow and Miranda Cosgrove (5/21/12)
Jimmy, Miranda Cosgrove, John Lithgow, and Steve Higgins battle it out in a hilarious game of Charades.

Does that make you sad? iCarly is over!

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