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Chris and Kyle Massey Open Up About Lawsuit Against Bristol Palin

Former Dancing With the Stars castmate and Disney star Kyle Massey and his brother Chris Massey, former Nickelodeon star, recently sat down with E! to talk about the lawsuit against Bristol Palin. Bristol has a reality show ‘Life’s a Tripp’ coming out which the boys said was their idea and concept.

“When the press release came out from the actual show was when we realized, ‘Wait? Where’s our producer credit? Where’s our creative credit?’” says Chris about they moment they discovered the concept forLife’s a Tripp.

“This isn’t a personal thing, this isn’t some sort of vendetta—this is me and my brother just wanting what’s rightfully ours,” he explains, noting that “we hate that it had to come to this, but this is the business part of Hollywood.”

Kyle adds, “We never wanted or intended it to get this far. We solely just wanted to make quality television that families could enjoy…And it just went to a completely different level.”

As for if they have any ill  feeling or beef with Bristol and the Palins the answer is no.

“It had nothing to do with Bristol, the Palins,” Chris explains.

Kyle agrees: “The Palins are all great people, but that’s irrelevant,” he says, adding that Palin isn’t named as a defendant in the suit.

The lawsuit filed is for copyright infringement, fraud and deceit, breach of contract, bad faith, misappropriation, tortious interference and unfair competition.

I remember hearing about this reality show, but with the Massey boys involved as well, don’t you? The guys also say that there are actual episodes with them in it, as well as their friends.

You can read more of the story here. So, what do you think about all of this?

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