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Taylor Lautner Talks About Being Tossed Across the Yard by Kristen Stewart

MTV caught up with Taylor Lautner at this year’s Comic Con and he revealed that Kristen Stewart‘s character Bella gets to toss him around a little in one scene for Breaking Dawn Part 2. It’s the scene where Bella discovers who he has imprinted on.

Taylor told MTV, ‘I think it was just one day [of shooting]. So it was a long day of being tossed around in the backyard, but it was fun. Kristen is impressive in it. I think the fans will love her chucking me across the yard and stuff. It’s a hilarious scene.’

Sounds like a fun scene to me!

What about stunt doubles and maybe a wire attached to the star? Nope. Nothing. Nada.

‘There was zero [wires], it was all real. I won’t give specifics, but yeah there were no harnesses. I definitely had to fling myself and take a few hard landings, but it was fine. It made for a good scene.’

Watch his interview clip below.

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