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New Jeans Alert – Rolled Harlan Crimson Dot Jean from The Earnest Sewn Co.

There’s a new jean in town for fall and we knew you guys would want to be among the first to know about them! They are called the Rolled Harlan Crimson Dot jean and they’re by The Earnest Sewn Co.

What do you think of the pattern? They are definitely a show stopper and the crimson dot print adds a unique touch to jeans, making them one of a kind. As we’ve mentioned before, printed and floral jeans are a big trend for Back to School.

Benjamin Talley Smith, Creative Director of The Earnest Sewn Co. used a unique technique in creating the wash. “The jean is an indigo that is over dyed red and the actual dot was lasered off to create the effect,” he said.

The jean is available now for $198.00 in all Earnest Sewn stores and online at  www.earnestsewn.com.

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