Lucas Grabel Tweets “High School Musical” Pictures from 2006

It seems Lucas Grabel was having a trip down memory yesterday when he started tweeted out photos from the High School Musical days. It all started with a tweet from Chucky Klapow, the Emmy-winning choreographer of the High School Musical franchise. He tweeted, ‘Final day of shooting HSM3! The spinning hallway set :)’

Lucas then tweeted a few photos from back in the day, including the one of he and Zac Efron up top. Hilarious! He said, ‘Me and #ZacEfron. #funnyface #hsm #hsmlondon2006week

Lucas also included some photos of Monique Coleman, Ashley Tisdale, Vanesa Hudgens and Corbin Bleu. Ahhh, the good old days. For those of you who loved HSM, do you think Disney has come up with a hit movie as good as that one since?

Check out a couple more of Lucas’ HSM pictures below… [Read more...]

Adrienne Bailon & Others Attend Nintendo’s Wii U Experience in New York City

Have you heard about Nintendo’s newest gaming console Wii U? The console is launching this holiday season  and features a controller with a 6.2-inch touch screen. Nintendo hosted an event in New York City where celebrities had the chance to test out the new console. Adrienne Bailon, Corbin Bleu and other celebs were treated to Nintendo’s Wii U Experience!

Adrienne Bailon loved the Mario props and rushed to try on the iconic Mario hat. She enjoyed New Super Mario Bros. U as a throw back to her memories as a kid playing Nintendo. As a singer, she couldn’t resist SiNG stating she comes from a full family of singers and the game would be hours of fun.

Corbin Bleu plays Wii Fit U at the Nintendo Wii U preview in New York City on June 27, 2012

More About Nintendo’s Wii U

The Wii U GamePad includes traditional buttons for gaming and the ability to function as a TV remote. Users can change channels or adjust the sound, whether they are playing games or just watching TV. The GamePad is tied to the console and TV, providing a perfectly integrated experience, no matter how it’s being used. Players can move games from the TV to the GamePad. Different players can enjoy different experiences in the same game, depending on which controller they opt to use.

Enjoy a few more pictures of Adrienne Bailon and Corbin Bleu from the event. We’ll keep you posted about the release of Nintendo’s Wii U as the release gets closer!

Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Corbin Bleu Talks “In The Heights” on the Today Show

High School Musical star turned Broadway star Corbin Bleu appeared on the Today Show yesterday (February 18). He sat down with the 2 co-hosts to talk about “In the Heights”, the Broadway play he is starring on. Corbin plays Usnavi and luckily hasn’t blanked out on any of his lines yet!

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Corbin is an actor, dancer and singer. He seems to be able to do it all!