Debby Ryan: ‘Jessie’ Has ‘All The Knight Moves’

Debby Ryan: 'Jessie' Has 'All The Knight Moves'

Debby RyanSkai Jackson and Karan Brar get in costume for their local chess tournament in this new still from Jessie.

In “All The Knight Moves”, When Jessie (Ryan) discovers Zuri (Jackson) is a chess prodigy, she encourages her to compete in a renowned chess competition.

Meanwhile, Luke (Cameron Boyce) and Emma (Peyton List) suspect Bertram (Kevin Chamberlin) was a jewel thief before becoming a butler



Debby Ryan speaks out about her character Jessie

Today we’ve found a video where Debby Ryan gets to sound off about her character Jessie, on the Disney Channel’s “Jessie”.  Other cast members, Kevin Chamberlain, Peyton List, Cameron Boyce, Karan Brar, and Skai Jackson talk about their characters and their backgrounds.  This is s cool little look int0 one of Disney’s top-rated programs.  Check it out below!

A Rocket To The Moon released their “Ever Enough” video this week, starring Nick Santino and Debby Ryan

Lead singer Nick Santino teamed with Disney Channel darling and close friend, Debby Ryan, as a co-star in A Rocket To The Moon’s latest video for “Ever Enough.” Directed by Mark Staubach (Bruno Mars, Pete Wentz, Lupe Fiasco), the video is emotionally moving, showing an intimately gentle and romantic side of the band. Valentine’s Day may have passed, but Nick and Debby prove that true love does conquer all.

“Ever Enough” will be highlighted in A Rocket To The Moon’s eagerly awaited sophomore album, “WILD & FREE”–along with recent tracks, “Whole Lotta You” and “First Kiss”–which will be released on March 26th.

“We know it’s been a long three and a half years,” said A Rocket To The Moon in a joint statement. “We’ve felt it too. But now we feel something new and we hope you feel it too. It’s that feeling knowing something good is coming your way, something you can enjoy, love, and share with your friends. When you hear these songs, we hope you’ll play them as loud as you can, and scream the words out your windows at the top of your lungs. We hope they’ll mean as much to you as they do to us.”

Debby Ryan Owns 50 to 60 Pairs of Boots – Inside Her Closet!

WWD had the chance to go inside Debby Ryan‘s, star of Disney Channel’s Jessie, closet. What’s her favorite footwear style? Boots and lots of them!

“I’m a huge fan of them. I like a good vintage cowboy or combat boot,” she told them. She went on to tell them she owns around 50 to 60 pairs of boots.

If you watch Jessie, then you know her character is also into boots. She told WWD, “[My character], Jessie, is really into tall boots, so what we like doing is hanging necklaces from the boots. She also has been into short booties lately. She wears Splendid, Elizabeth & James sandals and has an Alice & Olivia pair.”

Read the rest of her interview here.

JESSIE’s Debby Ryan Exclusive Interview

Debby Ryan Exclusive Interview

How is being on set of JESSIE different from Suite Life?
The set of JESSIE is different because there are new kids with a fresh perspective and there is a lot of excitement. We have worked hard to keep this a fun and wonderful kid environment. I really want to keep my fans from Suite Life who are going off to college and want something fun to watch.

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