Joe Jonas Takes Us On a Tour of Hollywood

In this clip from “The Next”, Joe Jonas takes us on a tour of Hollywood.

Joe says, “What’s up guys. It’s Joe Jonas and I’m here in Hollywood,California. Woah! And I’m on a bus.” The Jonas Brother then takes to the mic and starts talking to the crowd as the bus drives by.

One guy asked Joe, “Who are you?” and he responded with “I’m just a tour guide.”

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Check out “The Next” Thursdays on the CW! Have you been watching?

The Jonas Brothers Honored for Charity Work at Variety’s Power of Youth Event

It’s so nice to see young stars doing good and it’s also nice to see them honored for their work. The Jonas Brothers were among several young celebrities who were honored for their charity work at the 6th Annual Variety’s Power of Youth event over the weekend (September 15th).

Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas were celebrated for their charity Change for the Children, which they began to encourage kids to help those who are less fortunate.

Nick Jonas said, “We believed that young people can make a huge difference in the world around us. They’re active with their communities, socially aware and always working to give back. We wanted to help our fans and every young person out there understand that they too can work to change the future for the better.”

The Jonas Brothers are busy working on new music and preparing for their October 11th concert in New York City. It’s great to see them working together again. Their fans have missed them!


Watch: The Jonas Brothers Live Chat from August 20th

Last night, the Jonas Brothers hosted a live chat with fans after a busy day on the Today Show. The guys have been making promotional rounds for Kevin and Danielle’s new reality show ‘Married to Jonas’ as well as their upcoming NYC concert and new music.

On the Today Show, the guys revealed that not only are they performing a concert in NYC, but they are also working on a fifth album!

Joe shared, “We are back in the studio for the first time in about three years. And also we’re performing together for the first time in a long time on October 11th at Radio City Music Hall.”

Nick also shared, “I think it’s a good step for us. We’re kind of right in the heart of it right now… The music is a combination of what we did in the past and a step forward. We’re inspired by different things and we’re trying to continue to be progressive.”

Watch their live chat from yesterday (August 20th) below! [Read more...]

The Jonas Brothers Are Reuniting for a One-Night-Only Concert!

The Jonas Brothers from 2009 in Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience

Get ready for the concert of your dreams Jonas Brothers fans! The guys – Kevin, Joe and Nick – are reuniting for a one-night-only concert event on October 11th at NYC’s Radio Music Hall.

Kevin Jonas told E! while promoting his new reality series ‘Married to Jonas’, ‘The announcement is exciting, but at the same time, it’s the only known concert right now in the U.S. for the Jonas Brothers this year. We’re trying to make it a big coming-home blowout.’

He continued saying, ‘We are in the studio and we’re doing a lot of work right now just hoping for the best. The music is a change, its growing. It’s constantly changing and it’s kind of surprising how much we’re taking the journey of it all. I’m kind of excited.’

What do you think? Excited?!


The Jonas Brothers are Writing, Recording and Goofing Off

We all know a new Jonas Brothers album is coming sometime in 2012. From their new website, new  logos and interviews saying yes, they are indeed recording together again – we all know it’s coming!

The guys keep posting little hints and pictures here and there. Here is the most recent one that Joe Jonas tweeted.

Joe also posted another really cool photo saying ‘Writing,recording,goofing off..’.

Are you getting excited about a new Jonas Brothers album? What do you hope to hear from these guys as far as music style?