The shock heard round the world: Fox explains cutting ‘Glee’ final season

Glee Recap:  Rachel vs SantanaYou already know the final season of Glee will only be 13 episodes. Now Fox Networks Group Chairman-CEO Peter Rice is going on the record as to why. Naturally the musical dramedy’s ratings are a giant factor — the recent fifth season fell sharply to all-time lows. But when asked about the cutback at the Television Critics Association’s press tour in Beverly Hills on Sunday, the executive had something else to add.

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Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 5, Episode 5 — Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Pretty Little Liars celebrated its 100th episode with some fireworks, and by fireworks, we mean the blowing up of Toby’s house. In other breaking news: the police have finally identified the chick in Ali’s grave, Mona is winning her war against Alison, and “A” is back (bitches). Oh yeah, and pretty much every Liar got a makeout scene. Here’s what went down in Season 5, Episode 5 (“Miss Me x 100”) of Pretty Little Liars.

All the Liars on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Wherein Ali Brings a Ring to a Slap Fight. Can people really ever change? All of Rosewood has been asking this question since Ali’s return to town, and, tonight, many of them seemed to get their answer: no.

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Pretty Little Liars Recap: You Can’t Go Home Again S5 E2

Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 2
 Happy homecoming! In Season 5, Episode 2 (“Whirly Girl”) of Pretty Little Liars, the girls are back in Rosewood, and they’re celebrating by getting wrapped up into yet another one of Ali’s lies. Just like old times, right guys?
Luckily, the rest of the town is distracted from picking apart their plot-holes by Mona’s kidnap-whistles and Mrs. DiLaurentis’ dead body. Never a dull moment in Rosewood!

ABC Family News: Alex Roe will topline “Unstrung,” which is set in the world of professional tennis.

Alex Roe in Unstrung on ABC Family

ABC Family’s tennis dramaUnstrung has found its male lead.

The Cut alum Alex Roe will topline the drama set in the world of professional tennis,The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Unstrung explores the sexy, cutthroat and emotional stakes of the professional world tour of tennis as brother and sister Luke and Ellie Holt compete to move up the ranks. The Holts may seem to have it all in a world where success is not only determined by prowess on the court, but by looks, charm and the ability to hide your faults under pressure from fans, critics, opponents and even your closest allies. But a major family secret threatens to turn their lives, and their hard-earned family “brand,” upside down.

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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Executive Producer I. Marlene King Dishes on Season 5: ‘It’s Epic In Every Way’

Pretty Little Liars 100th Episode CakePretty Little Liars creator I. Marlene King and the cast show off their 100th Episode Celebration Cake in this new shot from Instagram.

“Happy 100th episode to my dearest and sweetest PLL family. I’m so blessed to be on this journey with you,” Marlene captioned.

In a recent interview with THR, she also opened up about the upcoming season 5, which premieres in just one week.

“[It's] our most emotionally complex season so far…It’s emotional. It’s very epic in every way. It’s rich and full. It’s kind of nonstop. It’s like a freight train this season,” she shared. “Lucas, Paige, Noel Kahn, everybody who was tangled under her web. Do we get sucked back in? What do we do? How do we deal with it? That’s what’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out. Does this group need a leader? Does this group want a leader?”

And what about Ezra? “He still needs to be redeemed, by the way. He took a bullet for the girls, but he still has some work to do. That’s definitely part of [his arc].”

ARE YOU EXCITED for PLL’s return?