5 Foods That Keep Hair From Growing

I feel like I should apologise ahead of time for this article.  I confess that I like sugar, salt and alcohol.  Luckily sodas and bleached white flour aren’t really part of my diet.  Like all things practice moderation here.  You don’t have to give up sugar, salt, soda, flour and alcohol to save you hair, but if you are overdoing it (and you probably already know that you are) then take small steps to cut back.  Not only will hair thank you, but your body will too.  Here’s to happy, lush, full hair.


1. Sugar

For your hair’s sake, please step away from the sweets. Sugar can interfere with the absorption of protein and we all know how important protein is for your hair. Vitamin E is also essential for healthy hair growth and sugar can lower the level of vitamin E that needs to get to your strands! Don’t fret– this doesn’t mean you have to cut out sugar altogether. It just means that you should reduce your intake. You should consider substituting for natural sources of sugar like fruits or vegetables if you can’t kick the habit.

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The Beauty Diaries: 8 Near-instant ways to get a beauty boost


Getting gorgeous doesn’t have to take hours. We know it can, but really, who has time to pile on makeup when there’s coffee to drink, outfits to put together and things to get done? Save time and look fab in a snap with these tricks.
Pretty woman getting ready



Drink more water

Drink more water for healthier looking skin

Are you getting enough H2O? If not, your skin could look dull and sallow. The remedy is simple: Drink more water. Keep a reusable bottle at your desk so you remember to sip regularly, and trade one of your daily coffees or sodas for herbal tea. Remember, if you feel thirsty, you’re likely already dehydrated.

Add some shimmer

Adding a touch of shimmer (using a highlighting product) to the inner corners of your eyes, cheekbones and brow bone can do wonders to give you a quick beauty boost. The slight shimmer has an almost-optical illusion effect that helps hide the stress of the day.

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Is it too early to starting thinking about Prom? No! Check out what the celebs are wearing and get the look!

Here’s the sitch: You only get to attend a few proms in your lifetime, so you want to make your dress choices count. And let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Why not take a few cues from your favorite red carpet style stars? They are strutting around in the world’s most glamorous looks on a weekly basis, after all. From Emma Watson to Blake Lively, these It girls are experts at being poised and pretty, even in the most stressful of situations. At least you won’t have to deal with a million camera bulbs are pointing your way on prom night, right? Scroll down for some of favourite pieces this year to make you the stand out in style!






5 Mid-January Resolutions You Might Actually Keep

So it’s halfway through the first month of 2014 and you’ve already given up on that resolution? That’s terrible; no one has ever given up this quickly, what is wrong with you?

But let’s be real, anyone who’s actually made it this far is probably superhuman. Take a deep breath and know that self-improvement isn’t limited to December 31, and that it’s really more of an ongoing process than a sweeping change as the clock strikes midnight. So go ahead, make a “mid-January resolution.” I’ve listed some of my own that you could steal. I bet you’ll keep them better than I will anyways.

New Year Resolutions that you CAN keep!

Listen to a new band every week

2014 was supposed to be the year I developed a more sophisticated taste in music; my iPod was going to range from Yo-Yo Ma to underground rappers that most people won’t know about until five years from now. But I’m still just listening to Midnight Memories on endless repeat. Still, it’s always good to branch out of your usual musical tastes, and there are plenty of ways to do this online: Pandora, iTunes radio and 8Tracks. Or be really old school and ask people, in person, what their favorite band right now is. Shocking. But really, while not every voice you encounter will be as glorious as Harry Styles’ voice, you might just find something new to add to your NYE playlist next time around.

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Fantastic last minute christmas gift ideas late shoppers! Avoid the shame!

There are only a few days left until Christmas and you’ve saved the gift shopping to the very last minute. But have no fear — you don’t have to resort to buying Mom scratch-off lottery tickets and a pack of tube socks.

Tips for last minute Christmas shopping

Shopping online

In many cases, you can still buy thoughtful, personalized presents for your loved ones, from the comfort of your couch. So make another pot of coffee and get ready to be the ultimate gift-giver this holiday season. (Your secret’s safe with us.)

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