Is it too early to starting thinking about Prom? No! Check out what the celebs are wearing and get the look!

Here’s the sitch: You only get to attend a few proms in your lifetime, so you want to make your dress choices count. And let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Why not take a few cues from your favorite red carpet style stars? They are strutting around in the world’s most glamorous looks on a weekly basis, after all. From Emma Watson to Blake Lively, these It girls are experts at being poised and pretty, even in the most stressful of situations. At least you won’t have to deal with a million camera bulbs are pointing your way on prom night, right? Scroll down for some of favourite pieces this year to make you the stand out in style!






How to Ask a Guy to Prom!

girl guySo you’re waiting for a guy to ask you to prom… and waiting… and waiting… and he just doesn’t do it. What’s wrong with him? He’s probably just shy, or maybe he doesn’t know how you feel about it. Well, guess what? There’s nothing wrong with you taking matters into your own hands and asking him out yourself. Sure, it might seem odd at first, but at least you’ll get it out in the open and you’ll finally have a date.

Now that you’ve decided you’re going to ask him out, what’s the best way to do it? Well that depends on your personality type. You can just stroll on up to him and ask him in person, you can call him on the phone, you can write him a poem, or you can try one of the many unique ideas listed above. The key here is to be open and honest, and express your feelings well. Try not to be embarrassed and don’t control the conversation. Just wait and see what his response is. The last thing you want to do is talk him out of it before he even has a chance to answer for himself!

But what if he says no? It’s not the end of the world, and hey, now you know how he feels. Make sure you thank him anyway, get your emotions together, and let’s move on to the next guy.

Q. I asked out two guys to prom and they both said no. I still don’t have a date, so now what do I do?

A. Don’t despair! You just need to explore some alternatives. First you should tell all of your friends that you still need a date. Maybe one of them has a guy friend, a brother, or a cousin who is still free! They can also help you spread the word. If that doesn’t work, you should try to meet more guys. Join a club, take up a new activity, or head to some parties with friends. Keep mentioning that prom is coming up and you’re just dying to go. Someone’s bound to take the hint and ask you! If you’re getting down to the wire, you may just want to lower your standards a little and go with the guy who has a crush on you that you’ve been avoiding. Just make sure he knows that you’re going just as friends, and have a good time. Your last option is to go stag or with a group of friends, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Get Your Skin Looking Its Best for Prom

You have the dress. You have the shoes. You know how you’re going to fix your hair. You have a date. You’ve thought of everything for prom right? But what about your skin? Is it ready for prom?

Spotless Skin for Prom

If you struggle with blemishes, then you know how uncomfortable they can make you feel. To keep your skin looking its best and to get rid of those blemishes, Naila MD skincare has you covered. Dr Naila Malik a seasoned skin specialist has produced an acne regime especially formulated to target the acne of teenage skin. Infused with ingredients Salicyic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide to eliminate the source of the problem.

NailaMD Youth Acne Treatment

The treatment consists of three easy steps:

1. Advanced Medicated Cleanser- Medication reduces bacteria, gentle glycolic acid exfoliates to remove skin debris while clarifying pores, aloe and green tea sooth skin, made with Olive extract, No parabens.

2. Treat & Nourish Acne Moisturizer- Even acne prone skin needs essential hydration to maintain optimum health.

3. Acne Spot Eliminator- is a powerful, clinical strength acne medication to eliminate new acne lesions.

Are you going to your prom this year?

8 Frugal Tips To Help You Feel Like Prom Royalty

From dresses and tuxedos to flowers, photos and limo services, high school students (and parents) could end up dishing out a ton of cash on junior and senior prom. Heck, you could throw an entire wedding for the same price.

Prom on a budget

Since teenagers have more important worries, like finding the perfect date, coming up with the cash should be the least of their concerns. With a touch of savvy planning, students can find smart ways to keep prom costs under control.

Follow these eight savvy tips to feel like prom royalty without blowing your budget:

1. Borrow Accessories
Dig through your grandma’s or mom’s jewelry box to find retro costume jewelry or a vintage clutch to pair with your dress. You could also ask your sister, cousin or friends if you can borrow a fabulous pair of earrings or necklace for the special evening. If you decide to invest in jewelry, make sure it’s a style you can wear for many years to come.

2. Find Frugal Frocks
Every teenage girl wants to look like a princess at prom, but blowing your budget on a formal gown you will wear only once isn’t a smart purchase. Consider a simple cocktail dress that will serve double duty for post-prom celebrations, like college formals and weddings. Browse consignment shops and thrift stores for fabulous vintage frocks at prices that run as low as $20. Or, search sale racks at stores like Nordstrom and Dillards, which offer a large discount dress selection. Don’t forget to compare prices online and search for dresses and women’s shoe coupons to score even better deals from sites like

Dreaming of a designer dress? Sign up for flash-sale sites like Hautelook & Daily Candy Swirl! to receive daily deal alerts on popular fashion brands for savings of up to 70-percent off.

3. Do Your Own Grooming
Extremely formal up-dos are no longer popular, so consider doing your own hair. If you’re old enough for prom, you’re probably capable of handling your own makeup and nails. You could also swap services with friends. You could easily save up to $200, and ultimately look more like your real self. Include your mom or aunt, who may also be able help curl your locks and your lashes. Gather ideas from online photos or magazines and be sure to practice the hairstyle before the big night.

4. Use Simple Floral Tricks
Make your own boutonnieres and corsages, or order them from your local grocery store. Often, their prices for flowers are 40-percent less than a traditional florist. Go for a more minimalist look, like an elegant single rose or flower with greenery.

5. Chuck The Formal Photos
Professional prom portraits cost anywhere from $25 to $75, depending on the size and number of prints purchased. Unless you marry your prom partner, that expensive photo will likely end up at the bottom of a box. Nor do formal photos really capture the memory of the night. Instead, share camera duties with friends for an honest record of the evening. Photo prints at CVS or Snapfish cost as little as $0.15 per picture and offer the option to create digital photo albums for a more memorable and less expensive keepsake.

6. Compare Tuxedo Prices
Tux rentals will set most students back $75 to $100 or more. That’s why it’s important to comparison shop. Don’t be afraid to barter for a better price. You may even be able to negotiate a cheaper rate if you recruit several friends to rent in bulk from the same store. Be sure the shop provides all the needed accessories, including a shirt, vest or cummerbund, handkerchief, shoes, tie and belt to eliminate spending extra on these suiting essentials. Better still, skip expensive extras and fill in with your own stuff for a free-spirit look.

7. Lose the Limo
Most limos have four-hour minimums and require tipping, which could result in a bill of $400 or more. Divided among several friends, the cost can be affordable. However, party buses that hold more people than limos are a fun and more affordable option, so search around for prices and negotiate among several companies. Also, consider the possibility of borrowing a nice car from a parent or relative.

8. Buy Gift Cards at Discount Prices
From pre-party decorations to such prom essentials as dresses, shoes and flowers, students can buy gift cards and save as much as 30-percent. You’ll find them at sites like for such major retailers as Target, Macy’s, 1-800 Flowers, and many more.

Article courtesy of Consumer Savings Expert Andrea Woroch. Andrea has been featured on NBC’s Today Show, FOX & Friends, MSNBC, ABC News NOW and many more. Be sure to follow @AndreaWoroch on Twitter to receive daily savings tips.

Kick Off Your Heels at Prom and Dance the Night Away with AfterSoles

Do you have your shoes picked out for prom yet?  Most likely those gorgeous pair of heels will start killing your feet as your special night goes on, especially while on the dance floor. Guess what? We have THE perfect SOLE-ution for prom night and those tired, achy, ‘these stupid shoes are killing my feet’ moments.

They’re called AfterSoles where you can walk tall and dance on.

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