Style Session: Superb Boho Fashion Finds

I cannot tell a lie.  I love Boho fashion.  I love vintage.  I love feathers.  I love a bit of quirk so all of these pieces are right up my street.  The floral dress would be great with a pair of old cowboy boots and a fringe suede purse.  The floppy hat and the feather necklace below would go great here.  My favorite piece in this collection is easily the XCVI crochet tunic.  So cute!  It’s a wardrobe MUST HAVE!  Scroll down and buy immediately!

Belted Boho Dress

Belted Boho Dress

Flaunt your hippie style in this belted boho dress, available at Modcloth, $65.

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Let’s talk dirty, hair — Don’t wash your hair every day

Do you wash your hair every day? We’re here to tell you why you shouldn’t. That’s right — it’s time to get dirty! Daily shampoo sessions aren’t always necessary and we have the scoop on why.

Don’t wash your hair every day — here’s why:

Don’t wash your hair every day — here’s why:

It’ll be easier to style

If you’ve ever washed your hair prior to going to the salon to get an updo or another more formal look, you likely got a talking-to from the stylist. Freshly washed and dried hair isn’t nearly as easy to work with as hair that was washed a day or two ago. Squeaky clean hair can slip out of pins and is notorious for not cooperating. Even creating a braided or more intricate look at home will be a lot easier to manage if you do it on a day you haven’t washed your hair.

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Nail Art Design of the Week: Chanel Inspired Striped Pop Art

Inspired by a look from Chanel Spring 2014, harmonious stripes of pink, gray and peach blend together to create this adorable manicure.

Stripe Nail Art


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Get the Look: Street chic with Nina Dobrev

Get the Look Nina Dobrev

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The Beauty Diaries: The Importance of Primers

As women, we naturally want to juggle everything and look great while doing it.

Many don’t know the benefits of using a face primer and sometimes skip this essential product. However, after washing and moisturizing the face, primer should always be applied before any makeup application.

Primer is essential for many reasons; it serves as a barrier between your skin and makeup. Primer also helps your makeup last all day and gives you a flawless appearance. Face Primers are responsible for smoothing skin imperfections and temporarily filling wrinkles, closing pores and keeping oil at bay, so your makeup will last. When using primer, you will decrease the amount of makeup you need to apply in the morning, so you will be out of the door much faster just by adding this simple step to your routine

 Benefit the POREfessional Face Primer

Benefit Pore-fessional Primer

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