New year, new hair…Everything you need to know about growing out your hair

Long and luscious locks are sexy, but growing out your hair from a short cut to a long one isn’t always an easy endeavor. Follow these tips to make sure you’re setting yourself up for grow-out success!

How to make hair grow faster and longer

Minimize shampoo

Even if you exercise or get grungy every day, you’ll need to stop your daily shampooing habits. This doesn’t mean you can’t shower daily — it just means you need to cut back your shampooing to three to four times per week. The lather of daily shampoo strips your hair of natural and healthy oils. As your hair gains length, those natural oils will keep it looking healthy and strong. If you feel that your hair looks nasty without a daily shampoo, try using dry shampoo occasionally.

Nix daily styling

One of the benefits of shampooing only three to four times per week is that you won’t have to style your hair daily. If you’re currently in the habit of frying your hair with a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron every day, you’ll need to cut way back. Heat damages the shaft of your hair, causing it to split more easily. Split ends mean more trims unless you want to look sloppy, which will slow down your grow-out process. Try to style only three to four times per week.

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Corrie’s Kitchen Spa: Savannah Bee Company Honey Hair Conditioner

The condition of my hair has been an issue since my wonderful vacation in Croatia.  While the vacation was amazing, my hair suffered!  I’m not sure if it was the sun and the salty sea, but whatever it was my hair turned dry and brittle and I was completely shocked and in need of serious hair help.  I’ve tried leave in sprays, deep conditioners, Moroccan Oil and the list seems to go on and on.  I finally had a little search for at home hair treatments.  On Paula Deen’s website, unexpected right?, I found the BEST and simplest DIY hair help.  Check it out…


A simple kitchen spa recipe to add a beautiful shine to your hair.

Servings: 1
Prep Time: 5 min
Difficulty: Easy


1/2 cup Savannah Bee Company honey (you may substitute any local or organic honey)
4 tablespoons light olive oil (depending on hair type, use lesser amount for oily hair)



In a small bowl, mix together Savannah Bee Company honey and olive oil until full integrated. Pour mixture through a funnel into a plastic bottle with a squeeze top lid.

When ready to use, gently shake mixture and massage into your hair until evenly covered. Cover your head with a shower cap and allow the conditioner to stay on your hair for at least 30 minutes and up to an hour. Shampoo and rinse your hair thoroughly.

Thank you Paula Deen!


Fishtail Braid Made Simple..Check out the Video

How to do a fishtail braidWe love trying out the latest trends and styles on our own waves, curls and coils in the NaturallyCurly offices, but we have to admit – the fishtail has always had us stumped.

So we were thrilled to find this simple tutorial by Allure that made the coveted fishtail look totally achievable.

Before you get started, stylist Matt Fugate suggests working on second or third-day hair because this braid looks best when it’s thick and textured.

I think the key to this simple tutorial is in the first step: tying the hair back into a ponytail before you begin. This step prevents the braid from falling apart while you each time you reach for the next strand.

You could even remove the ponytail holder at the end and tug lightly on sections of the braid if you’re looking for that looser, bohemian vibe – which we definitely will be this summer!

Watch the video for the simple, step-by-step tutorial.


How to Carry Over Your Summer Accessories to Fall

Fall is almost in the air, but it’s definitely not quite time to break out those boots and jackets just yet. With summer still peaking its head out, you don’t want to completely put away those accessories that you wore to the beach or out and about on a hot day. It’s quite easy to transition your summer pieces over to fall.

Here are a few ideas and some key pieces for an easy transition:

Pops of neon, animal prints, and sunnies, carry summer styles effortlessly info fall fashions! The gold bangles that were perfect on the beach can now be paired up with cute wedges for a fresh new look. Pool bags become everyday bags and lightweight scarves keep the breeze at bay while the leaves change color.

Robyn Brooks, Hailey clutch, $515, –  Juliet & Company, Parlour Necklace, $78
DITA, Taxon, $350 –  JewelMint, $30
Subtle Luxury. Abstract Paint Scarf, $47, J Shoes, Celie, $170

Subtle Luxury, Tipi Paisley Scarf, $54 –  George Gina & Lucy, 6IX, $109
ShoeMint, Esther booties in leopard, $79.98, –  Juliet & Company, Chrysanthemum Earrings, $32
JewelMint, $30 –  Quayeyewear, 1562, $39.95

Aren’t these pieces beautiful? Which is your favorite?

How to do a simple loose ponytail to die for

Emily Montague with a simply loose ponytail

Men love a ponytail like that worn by actress Emily Montague because it sends the signal that you’re low-maintenance and carefree.

That doesn’t mean that just slapping some stringy hair into a ponytail is going to attract your dream guy — even low-maintenance takes a little know-how.

The key is to pull some hair out around the face to make the style look a little messy. To give it a little swing, the ponytail itself should have a little wave to it via some rollers or a quick twist of a large curling iron.