The Beauty Diaries: How to save a sunburn

Sunburn Care

You wore sunscreen. You even reapplied it. But somehow, it happened: You got a sunburn. Maybe you forgot a spot, or maybe you didn’t reapply often enough, but whatever the cause, it’s red, it hurts, and you’d like it to be gone as soon as possible—without peeling, please and thank you. I asked New York City dermatologist Doris Day what to do if you burn more than just the marshmallows for your s’mores this Independence Day.

Get out of the heat.
“As soon as you notice the burn, the first thing to do is get out of the heat. It seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do that. Immediately, get to a cooler place and take a cool bath if you can to cool the skin so it stops burning.”

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The Beauty Diaries: What are the best nails colors for your skin tone?


Trending Nail Polishes

The Best Mani-Pedi Color Combo for Every Skin Tone

Summer brings gorgeous bright hues to our tips that aren’t always practical for the workplace.

Instead, color combo your hands and feet by coordinating soft colors on the hands and bold on the feet while still keeping them both in the same color family.

This creates consistency without sticking to just one hue.

Ciaté expert and Creative Marketing Manager Sophie Huddy walks us through finding our perfect match.

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Minimalist Fashion: Simple Is the New Chic

Look, we love our prints—we really do—but there’s something about this season’s brand of minimalism that just feels so fresh. Crisp, clean lines, solid colors, zero embellishments, boxy silhouettes—we’re into all of it, and if you’ve been rocking an easy shirt-dress or simple slide sandals this summer, then you know what we’re talking about.

In honor of our new favorite not-printed-but-not-plain, basic-but-not boring fashions, we’ve rounded up 14 perfect pieces that’ll have you mastering minimalist style in seconds. So, take a day off from your statement necklaces, jeweled flats, and patterned wrap dresses—we promise you’ll look (and feel) great.

River Island crop top

River Island crop top, $

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Sleek and Shiny: How to Straighten Your Hair the Right Way

Sleek and Shiny: How to Straighten Your Hair, ProperlyWhen it comes to beauty, there are few things more covetable than long, sleek, shiny, straight hair. You know the look—the one that beguiled audiences at shows like Ralph Lauren and Chloé this past season? It’s the kind of style that somehow manages to look chic with everything from a great dress to a lazy Sunday outfit. (That’s how it differs from the more formal—and now, more passé—princess curls.)

But, according to some of our friends in the hair world, there are concerns about at-home straightening. After all, you’re clamping your precious, pretty hair with an iron that’s at the temperature required to bake a whole pizza! To help you upgrade your game, we asked them exactly what we’re doing wrong… and how to fix it. Read on to see how you score.

1. You’re not starting in the shower.Let’s get one thing clear: no shampoo or conditioner will straighten your hair. But hair care items labeled “smoothing” may be able to help prepare the strands for the process by providing major moisture. “Take a paddle brush to comb the conditioner through,” suggests stylist Sarah Potempa (who’s tamed Lea Michele’s mane!), “then rinse your hair gently. Once you’re out of the shower, don’t towel dry like crazy! That will enhance the natural curl. Instead, pat downwards gently.” As an alternative to traditional terrycloth, which promotes frizz, try the super-soft DevaTowel to promote sleek strands.

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Statement Clutches with Edge!

Kate Spade Statement Clutch Fashion experts say there are a few bags every woman should have in her closet: The classic handbag, the slouchy satchel, the understated evening clutch. But I’m here to rewrite the rules a bit: I won’t argue that any of the aforementioned bags aren’t essentials, but there’s one thing missing from the list — statement clutches.

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