App(s) of the Day: 7 apps that improve your memory

Do you ever walk into a room, stop, and wonder…now why did I come in here?  How about drawing a blank on your bestie’s name?  Forget your own phone number?  Where are my sunglasses?  Dude, where’s my car?  My Dad always called it CRS:  Can’t Remember Sh*t.

I’m not saying we should rely on technology for all things in life, but maybe it’s a better use of my time on the train to work on improving my memory instead of stalking celebs on Twitter or seeing what my FB friends have made for dinner.  I’m just sayin’

So without further ado….

Memory Trainer & Fit Brains Memory Trainer

Memory Trainer & Fit Brains Memory Trainer

Meet the good kind of mind games. A 2013 study in Psychological Science showed that brain-stimulating yet easy-to-follow mental workouts, like the ones featured in these two apps, can indeed boost your working memory. Memory Trainer (for Android) zeroes in on your spatial and working memory as well as focus, concentration skills and chunking (grouping information to make it easier to remember; think 555-1212 and HIJK LMNOP). Fit Brains (for iOS) boasts familiar games like Guess Who and Block Breaker to enhance recognition, visual memory and three different forms of recall.

Memory Trainer: For Android, free
Fit Brains Memory Trainer: For iPhone and iPad, free

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App of the Day: 5 Hair Happy Apps


Whether you’re heading out and don’t know how to style your hair, you’re toying with trying a new color or contemplating a whole new look, there’s an app that can help. From style inspiration to how-to videos, check out our picks for must-try hair apps.

 InStyle Hairstyle Try-On

InStyle Hairstyle Try-On

Bored of your current hairstyle? Download this fun app and get a taste for what you’d look like with a new ‘do. Try over 250 hairstyles on your own photo to see what looks best for your face shape. The styles are selected by In Style Magazine’s editors so you know they’re on-trend. Choose from categories such as best cuts for your 20s, wedding hair and low maintenance work hair.

Price: Free for iPad

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App of the Day: AroundMe

AroundMe is a fabulous little app that lets you know…wait for it…What’s around you!


I must say that I use AroundMe A LOT!  It’s great for when you find yourself with enough free time for a coffee and you aren’t sure where to go, to plan a night out in a new area, or just to see what take away is by your house that you haven’t tried before.  I’ve also be trapped in a rain storm and in desperate need of an ATM and I used AroundMe to find the nearest ATM so that I didn’t get completely drenched.  Then I found a bar nearby to sip on cocktails until the deluge subsided.  I also use this app when I am traveling and have found it indispensable.  Genius!

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App of the Day: Shiny New Object… Tech-Savvy Post-it Notes

Evernote Post-it App

Post-it Notes are not only iconic in all their brightly-hued glory, but they are essentials in my life. Post-it’s just got better for tech-savvy note takers, thanks to new Evernote Post-it notes. Now you can digitize and compile your handwritten sticky notes with a new feature on the Evernote App.

On any given day, I have Post-it Brand items stuck to my computer screen, flagging items in my paper day planner, or scattered around the kitchen, noting various items on my to-do list, reminding me of errands and groceries, and sparking ideas for blog posts. Post-it Notes have always been an essential organization tool for my type-A self — until I forget to grab the note from the kitchen counter with the list of groceries I was supposed to pick-up, or when I find that awesome idea for my next big blog post at the bottom of my purse months later.

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