5 French Braid Hairstyles to Try This Week

If you’re looking for something different to do with your hair this week, french braid hairstyles are so much fun to experiment with.

From side french braid hairstyles and wrap-arounds to tuck-unders and a french braid that goes into a ponytail, the options are endless. With hot summer weather on the way for most of us, french braid styles are the perfect way to keep cool and look amazing, all at the same time.

5 French Braid Hairstyles to Try This Week

Source: theblondesalad.com via Christine on Pinterest

Have you ever tried a double french braid? This blogger has some fabulous pictures of her french braid hairstyle which she had done in Venezia. The style is loose and it shows off her really cute bow tattoo.

Source: kosmetichka.livejournal.com via Julie on Pinterest

French braided bangs are incredibly popular right now. I’ve seen this style popping up on TV shows and red carpets to magazines and just walking around the mall. It’s a super cute way to keep your hair out of your face, while keeping the rest of your hair down. The sections you don’t braid look great curly of straight. Have you tried this look?

Source: youtube.com via Renee on Pinterest

The French Braid and Tuck style is great for those hot days or even a day lounging by the pool. It even look glamorous enough for prom! It’s one of those no-fuss french braid hairstyles that will look good all day or all night long. This one even has a video with it!

This video shows you how to french braid a headband into your hair. After watching the video tutorial, you might need some help with this one!

Source: lovemaegan.com via Emily on Pinterest

I absolutely love this french braid! The blogger has a video tutorial for it and shows how you can wear the braid out or tucked in. She also recommends putting a flower in your hair. How pretty would that be?!

Here are a few french braid hairstyles as seen on celebrities. (Click to enlarge.)

French Braid Hairstyles Books and Tools

Which style is your favorite? Are you ready to try any of them? I’m going through a “growing out my layers” stage and it’s no fun because I can’t try any of these! Speaking of growing out your hair, stay tuned this week for a feature on ways to help your hair grow faster!