The Jonas Brothers are Writing, Recording and Goofing Off

We all know a new Jonas Brothers album is coming sometime in 2012. From their new website, new  logos and interviews saying yes, they are indeed recording together again – we all know it’s coming!

The guys keep posting little hints and pictures here and there. Here is the most recent one that Joe Jonas tweeted.

Joe also posted another really cool photo saying ‘Writing,recording,goofing off..’.

Are you getting excited about a new Jonas Brothers album? What do you hope to hear from these guys as far as music style?

Joe Jonas Gets Chatty

Joe Jonas made his way to lunch in Los Feliz, California on July 23, 2010 while chatting on the phone.

Joe’s interview where he talks about his post-breakup relationship with Demi Lovato is circling the web. He told Ryan Seacrest, ‘I think that our friendship is so strong that it surpasses a lot of things and I think touring will be a lot of fun. (It’s) definitely been cool. (We’ve been) trying to get together and hang out before we go on tour together.’

When asked about his relationship with Ashley Greene, he said ‘I’m just a single dude about to go on tour.’

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Joe Jonas Grabs Some Tender Greens

Joe Jonas picks up some food to go at Tender Greens after a workout in Hollywood, CA on July 21, 2010. He looks pretty warn out! I guess he had one good workout and now needs to refuel with some yummy grub.

Joe picked up a Do Something Music Artist award for he and his brothers on July 19th. He was rockin’ his new facial hair at the event. :) You can see the pictures here. Do you like his new look?

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Joe Jonas Lunches with the Family

Joe Jonas made his way out with a few of his family members for some lunch in Toluca Lake, California on July 8, 2010.

Joe seemed to enjoy spending time with his grandparents whom he refers to as Mama And Papa. The family dined at Patty’s restaurant before splitting up to go their own ways. Joe Jonas also took a few minutes to pose for photos with some female fans.

The middle Jo Bro recently debuted a music video for the Disney Channel series ‘JONAS L.A.’ called ‘Make it Right’. The video featured his co-star Chelsea Staub.

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Prince William Meets Joe Jonas

Prince William met Joe Jonas yesterday (June 16) at a soccer coaching event at Maun Stadium in South Africa. The two shook hands and stood around chatting for a few minutes.

Joe was helping support the Coaching for Conservation program. When asked if the meeting between him and the Prince was planned, Joe said ‘It kind of just came together’ and that he received a call from the organizers ‘about a week ago’.

He went on to say, ‘Ultimately I was coming here to be with the kids, encourage the kids, and this all came about to be with the Prince.’

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