Back to School Fashion: 20 Pairs of Skinny Jeans & What to Wear with Them

Back to school time is either already here for you or it’s so close around the corner you can touch it! Let’s say you are on the hunt for the perfect pair of skinny jeans or you already purchased them and have no clue what to wear them with. modOration is here to help!

Michelle Trachtenberg in Henry & Belle’s skinny jeans

We have a list of 20 pairs of awesome skinny jeans for girls and they are perfect for Back to School fashion for girls. We’ve also put together four different cute outfit ideas to go along with different pairs of skinny jeans. Our goal is for you not to have a fashion emergency your first or second day of school – or ever really! Enjoy browsing the different pair of skinny jeans below!

P.S. Pay close attention because some of these skinny jeans are on sale!

20 Pairs of Skinny Jeans for Girls – Print, Floral, Brights and Basics

1. Volcom Juniors Sound Check High Waisted Pant

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